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How it Works

Three core modules provide all the configuration, build, and lab requirements to run any Delphix Training environment quickly and easily.

Classroom Control

LabAlchemy Classrooms are created, controlled, and decommissioned all through an easy to use web interface. LabAlchemy Admins can build, stop, start, and terminate classrooms while keeping an eye on student progress. All functionality is also available through a backend CLI.

Build Templates

Student lab environments can be built from any combination of servers and Delphix Engines in Amazon Cloud. Through an easy-to-update templating system, any saved Amazon Web Services image (AMI) can be inserted into custom classroom specifications consisting of any combination of systems.

Lab Server and Content

Every student lab environment comes with a Lab Server that students will access to perform their labs, along with Lab Guides published by Delphix Education to guarantee a predictable, repeatable classroom experience every time. Advanced options such as "fast-forwarding" a class for all students can be automated with ease.

As dynamic as Delphix itself.

LabAlchemy makes it easy to create feature rich, easily accessible Delphix lab environments in minutes.

Built in the Cloud

Delphix LabAlchemy is completely built in Amazon Web Services. Each LabAlchemy Classroom is a fully isolated virtual private cloud, with up to 20 student environments consisting of as many servers as they need.

Customized Classroom Types

Infrastructure requirements can be incredibly diverse, and your LabAlchemy Classroom can be too. Mix and match different server types, performance tiers, and save states to build the perfect educational environment.

No Plugins Required

Every student is given a single URL to access their entire lab stack. No browser plugins or installed software required. Instructors can even ride along and help students along the way.

Cost Effective

LabAlchemy Classrooms can be created and destroyed quickly, and are billed based on AWS compute costs only while online and active.

Fully Automated

Click and go. When a request is made, LabAlchemy builds the entire Classroom infrastructure based on the type of class and number of students, then provides access to ready environments through a single URL for each student.


Because LabAlchemy runs in the Amazon Cloud, students can access their environments from anywhere at amazing speeds. What's more, Classrooms can be brought online in different regions around the globe, including EMEA, APAC, and LATAM.